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Who Are We

Who We Are

& what we do

PitFit, founded by Bassam Kanaan, a sports & exercise science graduate who had long been working within the fitness industries largest commercial gyms came to the realisation that there was a massive gap in what people were getting in their usual gym experience, versus what they actually needed to ensure results & longevity with becoming healthy & fit.

Filling this gap has & always will be our ultimate mission.

How we would fill the gap would be through a multi-faceted offering where Fitness did not just involve access to world class coaching but the adaptation to have these coaches assist with dietary guidance & personalised progression being the minimum required standard for all PitFit clients.

Progressive Coaching would be through 2 key methods:

  • 1 on 1 Personal Coaching

  • Personalised Small group training (max 12 p/c)

Our Personalised small group training was designed to avoid all threats of outdated fads & crazes in the industry. We created 4 Pits that target 4 styles of training that have stood the test of time & will eternally be popular:

  • LIFT: Resistance based training (45min)

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE: Athletic HIIT training (30min)

  • FIGHT: Boxing, Kickboxing & MMA in a skill & conditions focused HIIT format (30min)

  • COMPOSURE: A mixture of Yoga, Pilates & Mobility (45min)

Our 1 on 1 personal coaching is as advertised, legitimate, personalised programming. Many Fitness facilities have become pre-programmed with their claim of 1 on 1 coaching but we have not gone down that path. All of our 1 on 1 clients receive a 100% personalised program & experience with the highest of set standards in which they can achieve the ultimate fitness transformations.

This combined with execution of genuine care & customer service which has been developed around real coach to client relations based off of real life experience, is the ultimate glue to making it the best Fitness & lifestyle coaching offering on the market.

Now, after being consistently being sought after by other passionate fitness professionals for a chance for them to be involved, we are ready to start building our expansion with PitFit Franchisees & Ambassadors.

If you believe you hold the same values & passion as we do then register your details below for a call from our founder which will then qualify you for a information pack that could be your very first step into becoming a part of our family.

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