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What is PitFit
all about?

Our vision is to give our clients access to EVERYTHING they need to successfully achieve their health & fitness goals. We specialise in coaching through quality methods including:

  • Personalised Small Group Training:

  • 1-1 Coaching

Within all coaching methods across all membership types all of our clients have inclusive access to:

  • Structured Progressive Programming

  • Dietary Coaching & Education

  • Ongoing support & accountability

  • Fortnightly Check-ins & Consults

Within our small group training we have 4 Specialty Pits:

FIGHT: a circuit session incorporating techniques from boxing, Kickboxing & MMA which will condition & upskill you like a real Fighter!

LIFT: a full body Resistance program which will make you feel like you know everything about weights training within a couple of weeks.

PERFORMANCE: a HIIT workout utilising programming from elite athlete programming for a full body functional workout.

COMPOSURE: a fusion class incorporating movements & principles from both Yoga & Pilates with a key focus on mobility, strength & core.

(limited to the first 30 clients)

4 weeks FREE!

All foundation clients at PitFit will receive their 1st 4 weeks of membership completely FREE once we open our doors!


Early 1-1 Consultation/Testing

To ensure we keep our high quality coaching for all our new foundation clients, we will schedule in 1-1 consultations to check training fundamentals, personal goals, dietary & exercise prescription specific for each individuals needs ahead of our launch.


Member Starter Pack

You will receive:

  • Gym Bag

  • Boxing Gloves

  • Water Bottle

  • Yoga Mat

  • Myzone HR monitor*

  • + Protein powder!


No Long Term Contracts!

Joining at PitFit isn't like your usual commercial gym experience. We focus on our clients staying with us because they WANT to, not because they have to!


Bring a Friend or 2?

Join with a friend or a few & all of you will receive further savings on your foundation memberships.  Remember we only have 30 pre-sale spots available so don't let them miss out!

Join the Program at PitFit Rozelle before we open and Receive unrivalled benefits & savings. Limited to the first 30 clients!


Let's Get Started

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