Join the Team and Rediscover Your True Strength Through Adversity!

As Sydney faces another extended lockdown we, as a team at PitFit have worked diligently to make sure your physical & mental health is not detrimented in the current situation. 

We have prepared an even better Lockdown training experience as we have learnt from the past and are offering you 2 amazing ways to train in our Outdoor decking area fully fitted out with all of our indoor equipment which we like to call our Outdoor Pit!!!



We are lucky enough to have an exclusive outdoor space which is actually bigger than our indoor space! We have taken our equipment outdoors and have a fully fitted out outdoor gym ready for 1 on 1 personal training. Weights, Airbikes, Battle ropes, Sled, Benches, Deadballs & all the usual fun stuff in the Pit is available in these 1 on 1 sessions.

This program is as specific as you can get when it comes to coaching as your exclusive coach will design a program that will target the exact things you want. Not for the faint-hearted! This is for the people who really want a RESULT & Won't let Lockdown stop them from feeling amazing as ever!


Outdoor SOLO Circuits

Each week experience a new circuit in our outdoor pit. These sessions will be designed including our FIGHT, LIFT & PERFORMANCE training principles all combined together to give you an ultime class experience within the lockdown rules.

There are 2 bookings spots per 35 minute time slot so that the spacing guidelines are followed & you get that space all to yourselves!

Don't wait to get indoors, start training now!!

Class based Memberships work as normal for this lockdown option. 

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