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For individuals who want to test their limits & achieve ultimate results!

100% Personalised program

When you commit to our personal training program you receive & take part in a completely 100% speciailised program based on all of the data we have collected from YOU as an individual. 

This can range from goals based on Appearance, Performance &/or Rehabilitation or just your overall Health!

We will ask you very indepth questions to make sure that we are 100% on the same page about what you want, that way we can guarantee you that we will take the right steps to get you there!


24/7 Support from your TEAM of Coaches

Team PitFit works unlike other gyms as our coaches work as a team to design and produce the perfect program for YOU! 

This way you have more than just 1 expert assisting, you have a whole team!


Dietary Guidance & Scans

Our coaches won't just dictate what you should and shouldn't eat each day, we will teach you the fundamentals of a healthy diet and how you can manipulate it to your advantage and lead to a RESULT.

We are HUGE on EDUCATION for all of our clients and this is key in the long term success of our commited clientele at PitFit.

Smart scans will be scheduled according to the goals we have set with you, in most cases a scan is scheduled for each fortnight to ensure we are on track to our common goal!


28 Kickstart Guarantee! 
100% REFUND if we can't get you the promised Results!

At PitFit we truly believe we can help anyone achieve their fitness & health dreams with our professional coaching services.


We are so confident in our ability as coaches that we offer all new clients a RISK FREE kickstart option which allows you to receive a 100% REFUND on anything you have paid if you take part & follow our 28 day kickstart plan/formula & don't get the desired Result we have agreed on.


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